CAD+T visits Werkschulheim Felbertal

Hidden between the Alps in the Salzkammergut is the Werkschulheim Felbertal, which has had a proven educational concept for over 60 years. Pupils receive perfect training in mechatronics, mechanical engineering and carpeder technology. The new director, Ms. Karin Starlinger-Baumgartinger, invited the managing director of CAD+T Consulting GmbH, Anton Schwarz, and two of his employees, Angelika Hiebl (Marketing) and David Sageder (Sales of Salzburg, Tyrol and Vorarlberg) to get to know each other with delicious coffee and cake, which came directly from the company’s own kitchen.

For four years now, the students have been working with CAD+T’s software, which has been providing integrated software solutions for the furniture industry for more than 29 years. From planning to production with direct connection to CNC machines, as well as the entire operative area, from quotation to time recording, CAD+T covers all the needs of a furniture-producing company. CAD+T offers applications based on AutoCAD® and 3D parametric solutions based on Autodesk Inventor®.

After the warm welcome, Anton Schwarz gave a lecture on Industry 4.0, the topic of the last and coming years. He shared his years of experience and knowledge about the practice and future of software and furniture manufacturing. The lecture aroused great interest among the students. Anton Schwarz pointed out that they should have the courage to change and think in a solution- and process-oriented way. With these attributes and the technical knowledge, the pupils are well prepared for working life.
Afterwards, CAD+T visitors were given a detailed tour of the entire area, where they could inspect the boarding school, the workshop and the pupils’ workpieces.

The craftsmanship and creative abilities as well as the great potential of the 15-year-old teenagers surprised the CAD+T managing director. One workpiece caught everyone’s eye immediately: a unique sideboard, which enclosed empty cartridge cases in synthetic resin not only on the outside, but also in the interior. Pupils like these are the future of furniture manufacturing.

CAD+T wishes the new director, all teachers and pupils the very best and looks forward to the next visit to the Werkschulheim Felbertal and to the presentation of their unique workpieces.