A group of about 11 people in the beautiful community of Aufhausen was able to take a look behind the scenes of the well-known 30-man company Eiblmeier GmbH on the last week of November 2019.

The family business exists for over 70 years and is now in its 3rd generation. Their range of services includes not only the execution of typical sham work, such as the production of furniture and the classic interior design, but also the production of windows and doors as well as floor laying work. By expanding its competencies and with CAD+T software, the company has been able to increase the number of employees from 10 up to 30. The family business can look back with pride on a constantly positive business development. Due to the good reputation and the performance capabilities, innumerable well-known customers have already benefited, such as O2 Telefonica Munich, Paulanerbräu AG Munich, SER Germany, BMW AG and many more.

For the groups the event started right after each company presentations of Eiblmeier and CAD+T. They were given an interesting tour of the building and the festivley decorated showroom where they gained amazing insights into the unique production. The visitors got a live presentation of designed components, which were direclty transferred to the CNC machine. Among other things, diagonal cuts for Clamex connectors were on display. Furthermore, pocket milling, notching and various standard machining operations were demonstrated on site. These topics were supplemented by a short demonstration of CAD+T OPRM Professional, which enables perfect presentations for customers in the shortest possible time using photo-realistic renderings. Within a few hours, the enthusiastic participants gained an amazing insight into the successful company.

We as CAD+T not only offer excellent software, but also provide consulting services and support in the definition and further development of strategic goals, in the realisation of visions and mission statements. Whether you are a carpenter, joiner, shop fitter or exhibition stand builder, we get the most out of your company. Find out more about the extensive range of services offered by CAD+T Solutions and let us convince you of the attractive offers. Just like the company Eiblmeier GmbH.