You are ready with your project, have the design done, construction details worked out including configuration and positioning of hardware and connection parts – then you have already done a good job! Now it is about connecting the created data to your CNC machine. And this is where CAD+T steps in with its CAM interface, an intelligent and automatic data-transfer for your production line with complete CNC files taking care of tools, materials, and work-ons. Optimise your production process with nesting software from CAD+T for 2D and 3D construction and calculation of toolpath capabilities for CNC driven nesting machines. Benefit from perfect work-on results, reduction of material waste and automatic tool selection to increase surface-quality.
If you produce more complex things on our CNC machine, you probably need the 5 axis add-on solution. No matter if joinery, shopfitting, interior designer, cabinetmaker, kitchen designer or booth builder – CAD+T with its whole portfolio of complete software solutions for the furniture industry offers the best software to your project and workflow.