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Optimize your furniture production with the CAD/CAM & ERP software solutions from CAD+T. 24/7 access from anywhere – whether in the cloud or locally, whether in the office or in the home office – CAD+T software covers all the needs of the industry. From design and visualization up to production with direct connection to CNC/Nesting machinery and a complete ERP-system, CAD+T supports and optimizes workflows and processes in companies of all sizes. The goal is to relieve the user, to bundle the knowledge and at the same time to offer the best possible output, be it a engineering drawing or furniture!

CAD+T Software - CAD/CAM & ERP Software

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CAD+T Design

Optimize your design with our quick and easy 3D design software that includes walls, windows, doors and cabinet configurations to maximize the output.

CAD+T Visualize

Enhance your projects with high-end renderings, 360° panoramas, videos and VR. Our live sync interface to the design module makes the process even more efficient.

CAD+T Configurator

Simplify your process with the CAD+T Configurator, which enables data to be transferred to the Classic or Professional design module and offers additional benefits.

CAD+T Engineer

Use our powerful 3D CAD software for sophisticated drawings. Benefit from the automatic hardware placement and output of parts and hardware lists directly from the drawing.


Data transfer in consideration of material and manufacturing methods. Export CNC programs with our solutions, for nesting and up to 5-axis.

CAD+T Web Solutions

Full solutions from cloud based data management and licencing services to customizable online shops and e-commerce applications.


Optimize your workflow and increase your efficiency through targeted resource planning. Manage capital, staff, machinery and much more.


Complete your ideas with various Autodesk® products, such as AutoCAD®, Inventor®, Vault® or Revit® for architecture using and BIM data.

CAD+T Hardware

In addition to our software portfolio, we supply you with suitable hardware from HP® for your CAD/CAM applications.

RFID-Part tracking

Manual data acquisition in operation was yesterday. With contactless part tracking, you are taking an important step towards the future!

CAD+T Consulting

Our team guides and supports you in the development of strategic goals and visions, with funding applications, process optimization and other topics. Benefit from our expert knowledge.

CAD+T Service+

Maximize your success in the interior desing & production industry with CAD+T – your expert in data structuring and process optimization. In the dynamic world of furniture production, efficiency and precision are essential.

CAD+T Training

Do you value regular training? In order to remain competitive at all times, it is necessary to continuously improve your own know-how and that of your employees through further training. Invest in your career and the future of your company with our training opportunities.

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