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Our company has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and can therefore offer you excellent support in the area of individual consulting. Together we increase the efficiency of your processes and procedures!

We help you to define and further develop strategic goals, to create visions and models and to successfully implement changes. Optimize your success in the furniture industry with CAD+T as a reliable partner.

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Quality and Workflow Management

Workflows - Capturing, analysing and structuring

Do you have a good quality and process management system? One of the most important questions in any consultation is whether you have strong quality and process management in place. With our support, you can plan your company or department development in a targeted manner, analyze the current situation thoroughly and develop concrete measures to optimize socio-technical company processes.

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CAD+T Consulting - Qualitätsmanagement und Prozessmanagement

Management Consulting

Focus on the success of the company

Benefit from our know-how in the field of management consulting. One of the most important aspects of consulting is management advice, which enables management to gain an independent and professional insight into their company. CAD+T supports you at every single step, from the analysis of your current situation, to the development of promising strategies, to the successful implementation of new processes, structures and systems. Optimize your success with our support.

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CAD+T Consulting - Managementberatung

Subsidy Management/Management of Innovation

National and international subsidies and funding programs…

Use the growth potential by using the national and international funding landscape. It can be complex and confusing, but it still offers great opportunities for companies. CAD+T has set itself the task of supporting companies in the furniture and furnishing industry in using funding opportunities and in innovation management, as well as in the use of technological progress and the implementation of CAD/CAM and ERP solutions. Increase your competitiveness with our support.

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CAD+T Consulting - Fördermanagement und Innovationsmanagement

Production Management

Secure your production

Optimize your competitiveness by improving deadline compliancy and fast response times while maintaining cost efficiency. In a changing and globalized economy, the importance of deadline compliancy, response time and cost efficiency in manufacturing processes has increased significantly. CAD+T supports you in optimizing these factors in your company and thus increasing your competitiveness.

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CAD+T Consulting - Produktionsmanagement

Human Resource Management

Do you know your full potential?

Reduce the risk of staff attrition and related problems with our support. High staff turnover rates pose a major challenge for companies, as finding and training new employees costs time and resources. At CAD+T, we support you in minimizing these challenges and avoiding the loss of key employees. Avoid downtime and ensure the smooth running of your company with our expertise.

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CAD+T Consulting - Human Resources

Project Management

Creating concepts – delivering solutions

Avoid project risks and achieve successful project completion with our support. Although there are phases in project management when everything runs smoothly, there are also times when problems arise and projects stall. Our experienced project managers help you to minimize risks and successfully complete the project. Use our know-how for your project success.

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CAD+T Consulting - Projektmanagement


The digital transformation

Improve your competitiveness in the furniture industry through digitization with our help. The topic of digitization is also becoming increasingly important in this industry and companies have to face new challenges. We at CAD+T offer you individual and tailor-made consulting services to optimally prepare your organization for future trends, cultural changes, technical advances and software developments in the furniture industry. We focus on the adaptation, empowerment and qualification of your employees in order to increase your competitiveness. Use our know-how for your success in the digital furniture industry.

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CAD+T Consulting - Digitalisierung

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