CAD+T Engineer

The specialized features of this software guide users through the design process and enables individual design in batch size 1, whether in 2D or 3D CAD. Users such as cabinet maker, carpenters, shopfitters, exhibition stand builders or interior designers benefit from the extensive range of functions, which enables high-precision and individual design.

CAD+T Engineer

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Engineer Classic

CAD+T Engineer Classic module is based on AutoCAD® convinces draftsmen with the intuitive user interface and the associated short training period. Sections and details are automatically created as well as different views which increases the work speed especially for individual construction. The automatic hardware placement supports the user especially with bespoke engineered furniture. Import and adjust any items easily from our CAD+T Design Classic module or start from scratch with a 2D-drawing and get the 3D-data automatically.

CAD+T Engineer Classic

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CAD+T Engineer Classic - Individuelles Konstruieren Losgröße 1

Engineer Professional

This is a 3D parametric construction module based on Inventor® which similar, to CAD+T Engineer Classic, gives you automatically your cutting list and CNC data. We have enhanced this module to also work for furniture engineering. Due to the 3D parametric you can easily change features without changing the basic construction. This add-on for Inventor® specifically includes special features like core material selection, edge function and surfaces for the furniture industry.

CAD+T Engineer Professional

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CAD+T Engineer Professional - Vollparametrische Konstruktions Software

Add-on: Metalbender

This can be added to CAD+T Construction Engineer Professional module where you can create sheet metal constructions which considers material thickness as well as different materials. It can also bend, flatten, create flaps and variable flang construction.

CAD+T Engineer Professional - Blechkonstruktion

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