Success Story – Spacetech

Success Story - Spacetech!

Interview with with Mr. Suryaansh Gupta,
CEO of the company Spacetech
in Ghaziabad, New Dehli, India!

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Would you like to introduce yourself and your company first?
Sure – so basically as a real estate company with over a decade of experience in both residential and commercial projects in the Greater Noida and Ghaziabad regions, I leveraged my engineering background and education from the University of New South Wales. After returning from Australia 10-11 years ago, I have become increasingly involved with Spacetech and its projects. The idea to expand into the interior business emerged one and a half years ago, driven by the desire to create an omnichannel platform that encompasses design, production, sales, and, crucially, customer support. I had the opportunity of meeting Mr. Florian last year, who inspired me to establish our own manufacturing unit, emphasising the importance of design software and CNC setup. The furniture market in India has transformed significantly over the years, shifting from being locally driven to a more structured and organized sector today. We started operations this year in January, 2023 and launched our brand, spacesbyU.
How did the process change before and after implementing CAD+T software?
Initially, we did not utilize modelling software or comprehensive end-to-end software capable of managing all the processes associated with design. Our focus was primarily on drafting software for all design work. However, upon discovering the CAD+T brand, my priority shifted towards incorporating modelling software from day one. I also explored other competitors. Transitioning from basic drafting software to modelling software was a crucial step for me.
What were the challenges you tried to solve with CAD+T?
Adopting any new software inevitably presents challenges due to unfamiliarity with its interface and tools. We were fortunate to receive excellent support from CAD+T, which significantly eased the transition. I must specifically acknowledge Mr. Florian and Mrs. Michelle for their guidance throughout this process. Additionally, the responsiveness of the support team was truly impressive, it´s very very good. For instance, when I informed others that we would be using a software not yet present in India at that time, we could simply send an email and receive support within an hour or two. This level of assistance was crucial in facilitating our learning process and managing the effort required to master the software, thereby minimising the challenges we faced.
How did our product stand out from other options you have?
A key advantage of CAD+T is its flexibility in customization, which facilitates rapid design creation. For instance, if I need to design something quickly, I can immediately start and complete a design swiftly. This flexibility was one of the most important factors for me, as I did not want to be constrained by the need to create a template before beginning to use the software. Secondly, the software is overall easy to manage, although we do encounter occasional hiccups, as is common with any software. Nevertheless, we can now create high-quality designs in just a couple of hours and efficiently transition from CAD to CAM interface. We have also mastered using the CAD+T EOS module. During discussions with Mr. Florian, I emphasised the need for a framework that integrates all components to ensure coherence. This includes having a database for adding materials, creating quotations, and numerous other functions, allowing for direct, real-time transfer of information to customers.
What did you liked most about the cooperation with CAD+T?
I believe the cooperation with CAD+T is very good, and I am very pleased that CAD+T now has a presence in Coimbatore, India. This significantly boosts my confidence. The technical support from both Europe and Dubai, along with the effectiveness of communication between the teams, is commendable. On occasion, I had mistakenly sent an email to Austria instead of Dubai, yet the team in Austria promptly redirected my query to Dubai, where it was addressed within the next 20 minutes. This responsiveness and seamless communication are truly impressive! Furthermore, we have been working with Mr. Artur as our project manager from the beginning, covering all the modules. He has provided extensive assistance. This dedication reflects the passion that every member of CAD+T has for the organization and its products, which in turn motivates us to delve deeper into the software. Investing my time and effort from day one was crucial, especially as a newcomer to this industry. It was essential for me to ensure that my resources were wisely utilised, making it a prerequisite to have access to such comprehensive software from the outset. This approach was vital for my successful entry into the industry.
What software models are you currently using or working with?
We are focusing more on Engineering modules, utilising both EOS and the CAD+T CAM Interface. These are the three primary modules we are currently using. EOS offers a diverse range of features. Specifically, we are leveraging materials from the EOS master data and utilising part templates. The integration of CAD and CAM proves to be highly effective, particularly with the EOS cloud product.
Would you like to mention any CAD+T product that is particular beneficial for you? Or would you rather say it's more the whole package?
I would definitely say it’s the complete package. To use technology effectively, we can’t rely solely on the CAD+T Design or Engineering modules. If I were to recommend a product, I would highlight the Engineering module as being exceptionally well-developed. To be honest, when comparing the Design module with the Engineering one, it’s clear that Design caters to a different thought process or customer requirement. For us, the Engineering module is essential for layout purposes, whereas the Design module is more suited to basic tasks. However, each project is unique.
What are, in your opinion, the advantages of CAD+T in general?
I believe freedom of design is paramount, as we’ve previously discussed. The first and most obvious advantage is the support system, which is incredibly beneficial for us as it allows us to delve deeper into the software and maximize its potential. The ability to use the software to our advantage is crucial. We play around with designs, articles, and various elements. Although we sometimes encounter obstacles and need to revisit previous steps, this process is part of exploring and pushing beyond our comfort zones. CAD+T facilitates this exploration by offering both the option to create templates and the flexibility to work without them or to customize them simultaneously. This dual capability is something not many software providers offer, allowing for both the use of pre-made templates and their customization.
Are there any finished projects you would like to talk about?
Yes, certainly. In fact, we crafted an office table for one of our clients using hardware from various suppliers, added our own accessories, and utilised CAD+T EOS. Working with EOS is remarkably efficient; it takes me just a few seconds to create a material, which is excellent. For this particular project, I created all the materials in, perhaps, two to four minutes, and my designer was immediately able to access them. After designing, we sent the data to the CAD+T CAM Interface. This table, how heavy is it? Very heavy to be honest, my client asked me the same question. It´s around about, I would say 350 to 400 kilos. We have also showcased other products to demonstrate our progress with the CAD+T software. At spacesbyU, we are very much confident in our ability to maintain production speed and perfection, ensuring each piece of furniture is crafted with error-free precision. You know my thought from day one was being able to have the system where we can make furniture error free with right precision every time we manufacture it. As a startup, our aim is to achieve the prompt delivery window, and I think we can achieve that with the assistance of CAD+T software, that’s not an issue. We have fully adopted CAD+T software in our work-culture because it is actually catering to all our needs.
So would you recommend CAD+T?
As I’ve said earlier, definitely yes, the software is very good and very powerful and I think everyone should use it – it’s great. I know the support and the potential the software has, it’s up to you what you want to make and the software can do that!
You would like to know more?

Get in touch with our Sales Director Mr. Florian Wonisch.
CAD+T Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., A2 – 3rd Floor, SPAN Ventures SEZ, Rathinam Techzone Campus, Pollachi Road, Eachanari, Coimbatore – Tamil Nadu, 641 021 India

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