Success Story – Manto Design

A Strong Team – Manto Design together with CAD+T!

Manto Design has built its reputation on designing and manufacturing high-end, bespoke furniture. But, faced with increasing demand, stiff competition and a software package that was slow and laborious to use, Dimos, Owner of the Brisbane-based company knew he had to find the right solution to move his business forward.  

“There were serious limitations to the software we were using,” he begins. “We had been using a version of AutoCad for several years but it restricted us to simple 2D drawings and manual CNC programming. We had to create a DXF image file and relay that information to the CNC. We were physically programming what drill bits we needed to use, along with the speed, rotation and depth required, as well as instructing the machine on every hole and cut-out that appeared on the design. It was extremely laborious, not to mention time consuming. But more importantly, it was causing a bottleneck in the office because of the amount of work we needed to do before any material could be cut and assembled. We couldn’t afford to keep our customers waiting and didn’t want to be in a position where we might have to turn down work because of our outdated software. We needed to find a software package that could simplify this process and help the company move forward.”

Dimos from Manto design has chosen to work with CAD+T since 2018. In his journey with CAD+T Australia, he has gone from the essentials right up to the best technology and newest CNC machines to make their life easier as Interior designers.  CAD+T ensures that their needs are met through the service team with fast response. 

Indeed, with CAD+T’s software, every part of their process works together to streamline their manufacturing processes, whilst optimising machine running time.

Dimos adds, “The introduction of CAD+T’s software has impacted massively on our production. Now, a job that would have taken us five days can be completed in three and even our most custom designs can be created in the exact same way as our more standard designs. CAD+T has given us the ability to increase the number of jobs we take on.’’  

‘’CAD+T is proving invaluable to Manto design to enable us to have a reliable and efficient method of creating shop drawings throughout our company. The transition to CAD+T has been relatively seemless. Stuart and William have been of immeasurable support to us and a pleasure to work with’’

For more information on CAD+T and its complete range of CAD/CAM software solutions for the furniture production and shopfitting industry please visit or email

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